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Booked box will be held in your name until 11:00 pm.

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Online booking advantages

  • Free entry (except Dec 31 and Special Events)
  • Table service during your stay
  • Priority entry into the club
  • Light refreshments
  • Free cloakroom use

3. Contact details

4. Drinks selection

A necessary condition for booking and use of all online booking advantages is order and online payment of some of the offered drinks.

For each box, there is minimum order price and maximum number of people who can take advantage of free admission and a free cloak room use.

Booked box will be held in your name until 10:00 pm. Afterward, your box will be automatically released and you will not be able to use any online reservation advantages (free entry, free cloakroom). In this case, you can still pick up drinks, you ordered and paid for with your booking, at the bar. Your last name and booking number will be required.

Drink Price Quantity Sum
Beefeater Boat (0,7l Beefeater, 6 pcs Evervess Tonic 0,2l) 1.230 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Captain Morgan Boat (0,7l Captain Morgan, 6 pcs Pepsi 0,2l) 1.020 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Red Bull Boat Exclusive (0,7l Belvedere Vodka, 6 pcs Red Bull) 2.590 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Red Bull Boat XL (1l Russian Standard Original, 9 pcs Red Bull) 1.799 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Red Bull Boat XL (0,7l Absolut vodka, 6 pcs Red Bull) 1.199 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Red Bull Jäger Boat (0,7l Jägermeister, 6 pcs Red Bull) 1.190 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Jack Daniel's Boat (0,7l Jack Daniel's, 6 pcs Pepsi 0,2l) 1.820 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial 0,75 l 1.750 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Mumm Cordon Rouge 0,75l 1.590 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Mumm Le Rosé 0,75l 1.790 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Perrier Jouet Grand Brut 0,75l 1.990 CZK pcs 0 CZK
Perrier Jouet Belle Imperial 0.75l 4.990 CZK pcs 0 CZK
The minimum order price 0 CZK
Number of people included 0
Total price (including VAT) 0 CZK
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