Welcome in the club 7. Nebe

7.nebe club, which is located in the center of Brno on the Jánská 9 street, passed after the 11 years of its existence, a complete renovation and change of program design in the style of modern dance club of the 21st century.

In addition to the significant changes in the overall organization of the club and timeless design, the club is equipped with cutting-edge sound and lighting exclusive park, which has no precedent in the Moravian metropolis!

Club dramaturgy also underwent a significant change. 7.nebe will now focus on the current flow of the dance world scene.

7.nebe emphasis on customer service, so that visitors are completely satisfied and happy to return back. Whether for music and a great atmosphere or above-standard facilities that the club will offer its guests. The club is completely non-smoking.

The club is open every Wednesday, Friday and Suturday from 10:00 p.m.